Brave husband dies while saving wife's life in freak car accident (VIDEO)

True love was tested when Denise Baum's 80-year-old veteran husband, Rubin Baum, died after he was struck by a car trying to save her life. The New York couple was heading home from a jazz concert Friday night and were looking to hail a cab, when a sedan plowed into a black minivan carrying a Pakistani Diplomat and struck them, leaving the former Korean Army medic dead.  

The couple was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell where Denise, 62, was treated for a bruise on her forehead and a leg injury, but sadly her brave husband could not be saved. Having served in the army and earned two purple hearts proved that Rubin would put others before himself first and was a valiant soul to begin with. 


This is such a tragic story because the army vet proved to be a hero up until his last moments. It sounds like his initial reaction to save his wife during the incident was an innate response which came naturally to him and although his wife tried to save him, it was beyond her control. Now Denise wants justice as many questions are left unanswered regarding the driver whose car spun out of control. 

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Unfortunately police have not pressed charges against the drivers and continue to investigate the freak accident. As sad as this love story's ending is, at least Denise can say her husband went out a selfless hero who is remembered as a brave and sweet man. I would expect the investigation to be treated properly because it's awful that this elderly man had to die this way. Our prayers are with Denise and her family during this awful time.

Image via Family Handout

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