14-year-old Latina shoots herself dead in front of her classmates

A teenage girl named Brigit Lorena Gonzalez recently committed suicide in front of all of her classmates at her school in Mariquita, Colombia. The girl, just 14 years old, was in her freshman year of high school at the Institución Educativa Técnica Francisco Núñez Pedroso. Reportedly, she arrived at school with a .38 caliber gun and before shooting herself, she shot twice into the air to make sure that she had the undivided attention of all of her peers before committing suicide.

Not satisfied with just shooting into the air, Brigit Lorena also pointed the gun at the head of one of her classmates reports the Colombian newspaper El Espectador


After hearing the gunshots, students and teachers came running to see what had happened. Brigit Lorena even allowed enough time to pass for the local authorities to respond to the scene before killing herself.

Everyone tried to convince the suicidal young girl not to take her own life or anyone else's. The spoke to her and begged her to hand over the firearm. But Brigit Lorena's fate was sealed: In front of 19 of her classmates, who watched dumfounded, she shot herself and died immediately.

The 19 spectators were quickly taken to a medical center to receive emergency attention. A few were in a state of shock and some had to be sedated. No wonder, I'd be in the same state!

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I have to admit that this story made me really sad, because I just can't fathom what could have happened to Brigit Lorena to motivate her to kill herself is such a horrible public manner. By the way she chose to take her life, it's obvious that the teen's suicide was a last ditch attempt, a desperate cry for attention. 

Perhaps she was a victime of abuse, or of bullying--which seems to have a graver impact every time we hear about another incident? What was she thinking in those final moments? How do her parents feel?

The day after the suicide, Mariquita was in mourning. The whole school prepared to say goodbye to the young suicide victim, without yet knowing the causes that drove her to make such a permanent, final decision.



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