Man hires hitman to kill wife & now he wants to get back together! (VIDEO)

I know in some rare cases getting back with an ex works out, but would you take back your husband who hired someone to kill you? Um, I think not!

That is the bizarre story of Texas woman Nancy Howard's marriage,  as she now seeks a divorce from her husband Frank Howard who hired hitmen for more than $100,000 to kill her so he could be with his mistress.


According to reports, Nancy was shot in the face last month ouside the couple's Dallas home by one of the hired assassins. The shot didn't kill her, but it did leave her without her left eye and in a coma for days with a bullet lodged in her lung.

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Since then, Nancy has been recovering from the attempted ambush and is now bringing matters to court as she seeks a divorce from her deranged husband. The problem is that he STILL wants to be with her! He denies allegations that he attempted to kill her, but admits to having had a 4 year affair, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his mistress--even paying her son's college tuition!

Despite all the accusations of his heartless actions, Howard says he does not want a divorce and delusionally believes that Nancy feels the same. Okay, buddy, you keep telling yourself that! She seems to be doing just fine without you and I'm happy to see that she is moving forward with her life.

 Although she wouldn't comment on her marriage, Nancy is grateful to have survived and said, "I'm thankful. I'm thankful that I have life. Thankful that God has given me life. That's going to be a great future." That couldn't be a better outlook to have as she prepares to start a new chapter without her crazy husband in the picture.



Images via ABC News

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