Did Mitt Romney seriously dye his face brown for a Univision appearance?

Mitt Romney is not having a good couple of weeks. Just days after a secretly recorded video captured Romney admitting "it would be helpful to be Latino," the Republican candidate is once again coming under fire after allegedly dying his face brown for an appearance on Univision!

On Wednesday, Romney visited the Spanish-language station looking suspiciously tan…and though it's possible that his darker skin is a result of a terrible makeup job, a Democratic blog is saying that his face was actually dyed specifically for the purpose of appealing to more Latino voters. EXCUSE ME?!


Okay, I'm not claiming to know if this is true or not, but if it is, Romney has officially reached a point beyond desperation. Though it's a well-known fact that he isn't exactly sweeping up Latino votes (30 percent versus Obama's 60 percent), I still find it UNBELIEVABLE, not to mention incredibly offensive, that anyone would go this far. I mean, does he really think that Latinos only vote based on skin color? Or that we would be swayed more by his newfound resemblance to Snooki than by his actual policies and beliefs? Give me a freakin' break.

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The entire thing is ridiculous and insulting on so many levels…and not just because it's Romney. Yes, his comments towards the Latino community have been beyond ignorant lately, but had this stunt been pulled by a Democrat or any other politician on the face of the Earth, I still would have found it--and its implications-- just as horrifying. 

At this point though, there are only two things I can say with certainty: If this is found to be true, Romney is going to have some serious explaining to do. And if it's not…well, then he should probably fire his makeup artist.

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