Teen prompts federal investigation with over-the-top school homecoming dance invitation!

For teens, inviting a fellow student to a dance can be nerve-wracking, anxiety-inducing, and…a federal offense?  Last week at a Virginia high school, a junior boy prompted a governmental investigation after he enlisted a U.S. Customs pilot (and helicopter) to fly over his school--all as part of a super elaborate scheme to ask a girl to a homecoming party!

Wow…now that's creative.


With approval from his principal and help from his father, who is a senior official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the boy apparently arranged for a pilot to fly over the high school and drop a stuffed bulldog with a red bandana parachute on the football field. The toy held a message that read "Fall Fest?"  AWW, super cute, right?!  

Apparently not. While the plan went off without a hitch, the U.S. Customs department is not too happy about the whole thing. In fact, the agency launched an investigation into the incident and also reassigned the pilot who flew the plan to administrative duties. Um…oops?

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Still, it's not all bad news. The lucky girl at the receiving end of this over-the-top stunt, 17-year-old Victoria Burress, reportedly accepted the boy's invitation.

Well, I should certainly hope so! Imagine if the boy went through all this planning and caused a federal investigation only to have her say no. But while I totally understand why not everyone would be thrilled about the act (hey, that helicopter ride costs tax dollars, people!), you have to admit, it is pretty romantic!

Now, I just can't help but wonder…what crazy stunt is this kid going to pull off for his marriage proposal?

Images via CBP Photography/flickr, InsideNova.com

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