Ohio woman finds out her late husband was actually her father!

In a bizarre story that is straight out of a telenovela plot, an Ohio woman is speaking out after discovering that her late husband was actually also…her father! HUH?!

Six years after her husband died in 1998, 60-year-old Valerie Spruill finally learned the truth about his identity after an uncle came forward with the real story.


Apparently, Spruill's mother and father started seeing each other when he was only 15 and had several children together (the exact number is unknown).Spruill was taken in by her grandmother when she was just 3 months old and was raised to believe that her grandparents were her real parents. Her biological mom was introduced as a family friend.

After her uncle exposed the truth, Spruill checked out his story with the help of a DNA test in 2004, which confirmed that her late husband was her father. According to her, she is unsure if he was aware of the extent of their relationship, but she believes he did know and was simply too afraid to tell her.

"Children need to know where they come from," Spruill said when asked why she's sharing her story now. "And I know it hurts, because I have been devastated by this."

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Ugh, talk about disturbing!! Can you imagine falling in love, marrying, and spending your life with a man only to later find out he is your father?! I just don't understand why in the world no one--including her own family members--came clean and told her the truth. Instead, they just allowed her to continue on with her life as if nothing was wrong and then dropped the bomb on her later.

It's unclear whether or not the couple has kids, but for their own sanity, I hope they don't. As it is, the poor woman must have been devastated, not to mention completely traumatized.

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