Chef kills and then cooks his wife's body for four days! (VIDEO)

Like most women, I love a man who can cook, but L.A. chef David Vien's main dish is...beyond horrifying. He recently went on trial for the 2009 for murder of his wife, Dawn, and it was revealed at the procedings that the reason cops were unable to find her body is because he cooked her for 4 days straight. YEP, you read that right! He cooked his wife's remains to get rid of the evidence until all that was left was her skull.

After he admitted that to police during a March 2011 interview, the coward then reportedly tried to kill himself by jumping off an 80-foot cliff in Rancho Verdes, California to avoid prosecution. That unsuccessful suicide attempt left him in a wheel chair and severely disabled, which is how he's attending the trial now.

I just have no words for this horrific crime and this cowardice.


It is unclear what exactly made him commit this crime; he told police, according to the LA Times: "For some reason I just got violent." ABC News reports that Viens said he had an argument with his wife about her stealing money from the restaurant and in another interrogation, he claimed they did coke, while yet another interview reveals that he said she was bothering him while he was sleeping. WHAT? So no only is this crime extremely grizzly, Viens himself is unclear about exactly WHY he committed it.

Apparently, Vien duct taped his wife's mouth, tied her hands and feet before falling asleep and finding out the next morning that she had probably suffocated. His sick method of disposing of the evidence? He filled a 55-gallon drum of boiling water where he cooked her remains for four days and then mixed it with other waste at his restaurant. UGH!

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What kind of sick person would do such a thing and then not be man enough to face the consequences? What still baffles me is why he flew off the handle the way he did and killed her. Even though they were married for 17 years, it's scary to think that you just never really know a person. I hope his wife's family gets the justice they deserve!

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