High school under fire for wildly inappropriate 'Prey and Predator Day'

Another week, another case of a school showing some pretty bad judgment. Crookston High School in Minnesota has recently come under fire for allowing their students to celebrate homecoming with a "Prey and Predator Day," in which guys dress in camouflage and girls wear animal print. Right, 'cause painting guys as hunters and girls as powerless creatures sounds really smart.


Of course, parents were understandably outraged about the theme and its disturbing implications, demanding that the school change it to something more appropriate. The public outcry led school officials to change the event to "Camo Day."

"In hindsight and looking at it from a different light, a better decision should have been made," Superintendent Chris Bates said. "People might see it in a different way than it was intended." Um...you think?!

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I'm all for fun ways to show school pride, but in this case, I just don't understand how they ever could have approved such a gross theme. Allowing males to dress as lethal hunters and females to dress as cute but helpless animals and calling it "Prey and Predator Day?" Talk about enforcing a sexist, not to mention incredibly dangerous, mentality in their students!

Though apparently the community is a big hunting community,  I don't really think any theme in which a student has to stalk another is appropriate--and its definitely not when they specify which sex plays which role. Administrators should know better than to ever allow that to happen. I mean, a girl can get kicked out of class for wearing brown tights, but playing a hunter and a huntee is okay? Give me a break.

When will these schools get their act together and start paying more attention to the important things--like the safety and education of their students?

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