Latina woman injects man's penis with silicone & he dies (VIDEO)

What will a man resort to for a larger penis? For one unlucky man in New Jersey, the answer is asking a Latina woman to perform a penile enlargement procedure on him. 

Things didn't go as planned, though, after Kasia Rivera injected the man with silicone and caused his death. Now she's standing trial and, although she has pled not guilty, administering the shot to 22-year-old Justin Street in her apartment, allegedly with no medical license or training, could mean up to 10 years in prison for the 35-year-old woman.


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It all sounds pretty terrifying to me: The father of two came to the Latina wanting a bigger penis after seeing her advertisement fliers posted at a local business. She injected his penis but he died the next day of what medical examiners called a "silicone embolism," according to

Apparently she may have done similar procedures in the past, but prosecutors have not been able to find any other witnesses. Clearly going to some woman's apartment is just NOT a good idea if a man is seeking to increase his junk, as Dr. Daniel S. Elliott, an associate professor of urology at the Mayo Clinic, said that he has dealt with similar cases.

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According to him, "if there were a legitimate method for penile lengthening, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer would have brought it up and made billions and billions of dollars worldwide, the fact that they don't means it does not exist."

So, our advice (pretty obvious actually): For any "enhancement" procedure--whether for men OR women--make sure whoever is performing it is qualified, certified, and an actual DOCTOR and that the procedure actually exists...or you might end up dead the way this guy did.

Image via Essex County Prosecutor's Office

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