Mom discovers ex-boyfriend living in her attic! (VIDEO)

A South Carolina single mom of five, identified only as Tracy, found her ex-boyfriend--of MORE THAN 12 years ago!--living in her attic after she heard noises coming from the area. As it turns out, he had helped her out with odd jobs around the house more than a year ago after a housefire and had just been released from prison two weeks before, according to reports. Clearly Tracy knew to kick this loser to the curb a LONG time ago, but this ex was definitely not letting go.


Apparently, even while he was locked away in prison years before (can't fail to mention that he had a criminal history for theft and was a drug addict!), Tracy said he would send her love letters, but she had moved on and said his criminal behavior was the cause of their break-up. She didn't expect to see him again until that night when the sounds, along with nails and insulation falling from the ceiling, frightened her five children. Her eldest son and nephew decided to scout the area when they discovered the mom's crazy ex-boyfriend sleeping in their heating duct--and from the looks of it, he had been there for weeks! And had been spying on the family to make this even more gross than it is!

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The convict escaped before police arrived, but Tracy (rightfully so!) wants to press charges against him. Even grosser is the fact that he had used paper cups to relieve himself during his unwelcome stay, and was spying on her through a vent that led to her bedroom. Can you say psycho!?

I'm glad Tracy came to her senses a long time ago and is making sure police handles this nutjob the way he deserves to be treated. As for her, it would probably be a good idea to move elsewhere to protect her family and file a restraining order against him!

What is the craziest thing one of your exes has ever done?

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