Disgusting gynecologist masturbates on his patient!

Los Angeles area-based gynecologist Dr. Kevin Pezeshki is heading to court to face two counts of sexually assaulting a female patient during a September 9, 2008 exam at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

Um, can we get a FINALLY! I'm pretty impatient when it comes to any kind of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior from people that should seriously know better. Well, that's sort of everyone but especially people in powers of authority like doctors and police officers. There's absolutely no excuse for the doctor "inappropriately touch[ing] a female patient."


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Apparently, during their first encounter, the woman who's accusing the doctor saw that he was zipping his fly when she turned around after an exam. EW! Was he, um, masturbating while doing his work?!

Even worse, after he performed surgery on her several weeks later and came to visit her at the hospital, his "exam" consisted of "putting his fingers in her vagina, slapping her back a few times and subsequently ejaculating on the hospital bedsheet," according to Jezebel.com. Pardon me while I go barf! At least the woman wasn't a complete victim and took action, though. According to Deputy Attorney General Cindy M. Lopez, "The victim was smart enough to take the bedsheet and turn it in to police."

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This is seriously like a story out of Law & Order: SVU, including the DNA on the sheets patching Dr. Pezeshki's and his "clear abuse of his position as a physician." Luckily, though, the man was caught before he did even MORE harm and I am seriously hoping he will be prosecuted for his seriously disgusting behavior.

What do you think of this gynecologist taking advantage of his patient?

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