Towson University student tries to start ridiculously unnecessary 'White Student Union'

What is it with schools unnecessarily playing up the race cards lately? First, a Louisiana high school class held a "white only" reunion and now, a student at Towson University in Maryland is saying he wants to start a group specifically for white students. Seriously, will this nonsense ever stop?


Matthew Heimbach, a senior at the university, told the student newspaper that he wants to mimic other clubs on campus. "You have a Black Student Union who promotes black heroes," he said. "We want to do the same thing." Heimbach also said that he already has 17 students interested in joining and that they've been looking to attract more members by posting flyers around the university.

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"It's a support network for a campus that is hostile toward white students," he claims.

Um, yeah, except that there's just one slight problem with that accusation--it's not true! In fact, Towson's assistant vice president of student affairs himself even admitted that the school is a "predominantly white institution" and that he doesn't understand "why they have to [form.]"

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Oh, and there's also the fact that unlike the figures celebrated in the Black Student Union who faced discrimination time and time again throughout history, no white student--especially male ones--were denied entrance at Towson or other educational institutions.

Personally, I just can't take Heimbach seriously…but unfortunately, some people are as he seems to be getting exactly what he wants out of the whole situation: attention.

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Images via Timotheus/flickr, Mattew Heimbach/Twitter

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