Latino man sexually assaults girl & kills her brother while high on PCP (VIDEO)

As if the world needed more evidence that drugs can make people commit horrifying acts, a New Jersey Latino man has been arrested after he killed a 6-year-old boy and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl while high on a drug cocktail of PCP and marijuana.


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31-year-old Osvaldo Rivera is being held on $5 million bail after attacking the two children as they slept. According to police, Rivera sexually assaulted the girl and slashed her throat. When her younger brother tried to help her, Rivera slashed his throat as well, killing him. The girl and another child inside the house, who were reportedly being watched by a babysitter at the time, were able to run to the neighbor's and get help.

After authorities caught Rivera (following the girl's description of her attacker), he admitted to having smoked "wet," a combination of marijuana and PCP that police now believe may have been contaminated. Now, Rivera is facing charges of murder and attempted murder among others. The young girl remains in serious condition at the hospital.

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What a terrible and extremely sad story! I can't even imagine what that poor little girl must be going through having been so viciously attacked and after seeing her younger brother get killed while coming to her defense. And her parents and loves ones must also be absolutely devastated.

It's completely sickening to me that a total stranger can cause a family such pain all because he was high! Though nothing can make up for their loss, I am glad that at the very least, Rivera was caught and is now paying the price for his horrid acts.

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Image via ABC 6


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