'The Godmother' of cocaine gunned down in Colombia (VIDEO)

When you think of a godmother, you think of Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother or a sweet harmless relative who gives you candy... But that's so not the image of Griselda Blanco, Miami's "Cocaine Godmother." Blanco was as notorious as (if not more than) Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, but her legacy ended when she was shot and killed by a motorcyclist as she entered a butcher shop in Medellin, Colombia.

Her life and death sounds like something out of a movie--which I'm sure Hollywood is will be excited to produce as soon as possible. And who would've thought that a  woman could be that powerful during an era when women were just beginning to exercise their civil rights?


At age 69 and a mother of 4, "The Cocaine Godmother" can be remembered for inventing the importing of drugs from South America into the United States. Pablo Escobar, who? (In fact, she's been mentioned plenty of times in the hit telenovela about the Colombian drug pin that bears his name!). But not only was she one of the most well-known and powerful drug traffickers around, she was also known for her cold blooded killings, one of which included a 2-year-old girl.  Sheesh, that's harsh!

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Her exploits were so well known that she was featured in the Cocaine Cowboys documentaries, where it was revealed that she would traffic over 3,500 pounds of coke and her fortune was worth more than $1.5 billion dollars. She even avoided the death penalty when she was prosecuted for drug trafficking and authorities say she is responsible for at least over 200 deaths throughout Miami, California, and New York. Rumor even has it that she tried to kidnap John F. Kennedy Jr. Wow, that takes some serious guts to run a business like that!

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While I don't support the distribution of drugs, it's fascinating to see that in the 70's and 80's, Blanco was the biggest drug kingpin around. I guess you can say she got a taste of her own medicine as she died the way she killed many of her enemies.

Do you think Griselda Blanco's death was justified?

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