Mom and abuela save two young boys after man attempts to throw them in front of train (VIDEO)

In an unbelievable story, a mother and abuela came to the rescue of two young boys after an intoxicated (and apparently psychotic) man tried to throw them in front of a train!

Witnesses told police that 48-year-old David Howard was visibly drunk while at a NJ Transit station on Monday.  When two boys, ages 7 and 9, moved closer to the edge of the platform to see if the train was approaching, Gurney reportedly advanced towards them, putting one in a headlock and pushing both of them towards the tracks. Talk about TERRIFYING!


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Luckily, their mom and grandmother were quick to take action, tackling the man and holding him on the platform until the police arrived. After some struggle with the authorities, Howard was arrested and is facing charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and assaulting a police officer.

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Wow, what a scary ordeal for those two innocent little boys and their mom and abuela. Seriously, crazies like that are exactly why parents need to be alert and vigilant about their whereabouts when they're out with their kids. Thank goodness that these two amazing women were obviously remaining aware and could respond quickly enough to save the lives of both boys!

And it just goes to show--don't ever come between a woman and her kids (or grandkids!).

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Images via Ramsey PD, Mulad/flickr

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