9-year-old girl escapes murder of three generations of her family (VIDEO)

Try to imagine this: A 9-year-old girl wakes up startled in the middle of the night to discover her brother, her grandmother, and her mom have been stabbed to death, and the killer is most probably coming after her. She escapes her blood-splattered home through the back door and starts running for her life. The girl ends up at a home down the street and the neighbors call 911. Sounds like the plot of the newest horror movie, right? Sadly, this happened in real life this paat Saturday in a small town in Tennessee.

The murder scene found by police was so gruesome that they're considering their own detectives victims of the aftermath. 


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Although police don't know the motive yet, they said that when they entered the home, they found the alleged killer, neighbor Craig Garber, with self-inflicted stab wounds telling them, "Just kill me." Garber, 41, remains in critical but stable condition and will most likely face at least three counts of homicide once he recovers.

Meanwhile, the little girl who survived the murder of three generations of her family is with an aunt and uncle and her community is rallying to support her. I'm sure the rest of her family is incredibly happy and grateful that she was able to escape the rampage. But, in a way, I imagine dying would've been easier. I mean, the little girl will not only have to live with the gory images of her dead family in her head forever, but she'll also have to get over the fact that she was the only one who survived and that her mom, brother, and grandmother are gone!

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I always have such a hard time understanding horrific, senseless incidents like these. I know understanding them doesn't make much of a difference, but it pains me to imagine the kind of life this little girl will have.

Do you think this little girl will be able to get over this tragedy? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below.

Image via The Tennessean

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