Lousiana high school graduates hold ridiculously racist "white only" reunion (VIDEO)

High school reunions can be awkward and even a little anxiety-inducing, but I never thought they could be downright offensive. That is, until I heard of the 1973 class from St. Martinville, Louisiana Senior High School, who was just busted for planning a "white graduates only" party. Wait, WHAT?!

Apparently, that class has been holding racially segregated reunions since they graduated almost 40 years ago. This year was reportedly the first in which they were planning on making it a non-separate affair--until some genius actually sent out a letter announcing an after party for "white graduates" only. Wow, cue the flash back music because apparently we're right back in the 1950s!  


The letter has since leaked online (because, you know, in reality, it's 2012 and we have technology and are supposed to be forward-thinking), causing major outrage amongst the public. And for good reason! What could possibly be the logic behind such discriminatory actions? I mean, can you imagine if YOUR classmates sent out a letter like that?

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I don't think I would ever go to my own high school reunion (come on, who really wants to see all those people?), but if I ever heard even the possibility of segregated parties, there's no way I would stay quiet about it. In fact, I would make sure whoever was responsible had some serious hell to pay. Yet somehow these people have been partaking in this so-called "tradition" for decades? It's just inexcusable!  

School authorities, for their part, have said they have nothing to do with the matter. "I'm just a little disappointed that something like this comes up," the principal states."I don't think that it looks good for the school, but again as I said it has nothing to do with St. Martinville Senior High. So I hope people don't take that the wrong way."

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Um, is there a right way to take it?  I don't think so! Regardless of their involvement, the school should be ashamed of their graduates' despicable behavior. As for the graduates themselves, well, maybe they should go back to school because they are obviously not very well-educated.  

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Image via San Diego Shooter/flickr

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