If you haven't been online in the past week, you may have missed the news about the botched restoration painting fiasco in the village of Borja, Spain. There, an abuelita was trying to do some good by restoring a 19th-century fresco depicting Jesus--but seems to have kind of messed it up, instead.

The amazing thing, though, is that she's actually being praised for her "daring work!" Plus, the local church has now turned into a serious tourist attraction! I'd say it's a big win for all, but the BEST thing to come out of this craze? The millions of hilarious pictures and memes of the botched restoration. From a Botched Restoration Last Supper to Jesus' funny-looking brother Botched Restoration cartoon, have a laugh with the 10 absolute funniest botched restoration photos!


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What's your favorite funny botched restoration photo? Have you seen any others? Share with us in the comments below!

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