School asks deaf preschooler to change name because his sign looks like a gun (VIDEO)

Brace yourselves for what just may be the stupidest story about heading back to school we've heard about yet, and believe me, there's been tons of them! A school district in Nebraska is forcing 3 1/2 year old deaf student, Hunter Spanjer, to change the way he signs his name because certain hand gestures look too much like a gun. Uh, what?! 

They must have nothing better to do in Nebraska by the way they're persecuting this small child. Obviously, he can't help the fact that the sign language hand symbol for his name looks that way and the school needs to modify their rules accordingly. This isn't even really a case worth arguing about.


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The preschool in Grand Island claims Hunter's name signing violates the "Weapons in Schools" policy in the district. Understandly, it makes sense for the school to have that regulation, but how do you count a child's hands as a weapon? Hunter's parents also have to waste money to hire lawyers from the National Association of the Deaf to fight for the child's right to sign his name. How absurd is it that this family even has to justify their son's disability to his school?

What's next, are they going to ban wheelchairs because they can be considered weapons too? Even the people in the town of Grand Island are opposed to the school demanding that the preschooler change his signed name.

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At 3-years old a child can barely make out full sentences, let alone even know what a gun is and its purpose. Perhaps the school district should focus its energy on the high schools and middle schools in the area where the kids are more inclined to cause problems and danger CAN arrise through the use of an ACTUAL weapon.

What do you think of this story? Do you think the school has a right to persecute Spanjer? Tell us in the comments box below!

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