Demonstrators dress as giant vaginas to protest at Republican National Convention! (VIDEO)

Well, it looks like Hurricane Isaac wasn't the only unexpected event to invade the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. On Sunday, demonstrators from the feminist group Code Pink protested the event…while dressed in giant vagina costumes (yup, apparently they do exist!).


About 400 protestors, many of which were dressed in the, err, eye-catching costumes, stood outside the Tropicana Field, a stadium where several thousand convention-goers were meeting.  As they went inside, the demonstrators called the Republican Party's pro-life stance a war on women and carried signs with messages like, "Read my lips" (ha get it?) and "Leave my vagina alone."

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Of course, some have been quick to call the group's actions "vulgar" and "tactless." And while I certainly wouldn't go that far (we've all seen them, people), I have to say I do have mixed feelings about the costumes. Why? Well,  they are kinda  funny. Plus, part of me is glad that there are people taking action, especially because I am 100 percent in agreement with the message behind their protest (see previous thoughts on certain idiotic rape comments made by Republican candidates).

However, that being said, I'm pretty positive that it will take more than a group of women dressed like sex organs to even remotely sway any Republicans from their beliefs.  And though I understand that their specific argument was pro-choice, their form of protest actually ended up doing something that many Republicans do: equating women with their vaginas.

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While having a vagina is obviously a part of womanhood, it is not the only part. At the end of the day, women should be granted rights to their own body not because we have certain genitalia, but because we are individual people who should have the same freedoms and liberties to do as we please (with our bodies or otherwise) as men. The reason it's wrong for  conservatives to think they have a say in a woman's choice or to think they know anything about women's bodies (and it is wrong) is not just because they don't have a vagina and don't know what it feels like (which they don't), but because they should respect us enough as human beings to allow us to make our own decisions about what to do with ours.

What do you think of the protesters and their costumes? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via M.V. Jantzen/flickr

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