It's that time of year again! The US Open went into full swing yesterday and for us that means lots of hot men to oogle at. And it isn't just their attractive looks that keep us watching (ok, maybe 90 percent of the reason), but their skills on the court also add to their appeal.

Unfortunately, the person we were most looking forward to seeing was Spanish player Rafael Nadal, who will have to sit this one out due to a knee injury (Nooo!). Although he isn't in the game this time, there are MANY other Latinos that we should keep an eye on.


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As we mourn the lack of Nadal on the court, we offer you a gallery of the other hotties you can check out playing this season. We will be tracking their progress and we're certain that this will be the most competitive games the US Open has ever seen. They're no Nadal, but we'll take it!

Image via Roland-Garros/facebook




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