Republican senate candidate Tom Smith compares pregnancy from rape to "giving birth out of wedlock" (VIDEO)

Another week, another dumb remark from an ignorant politician! Just a week after Todd Akin caused national controversy with his use of the term "legitimate rape," Tom Smith, a Republican Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, threw even more fuel on the fire, by comparing a pregnancy caused by rape to "having a baby out of wedlock."

Once again…seriously?!


While at a press conference yesterday, Smith told reporters that while he didn't agree with Akin's comment, he does believe that abortion should be banned without any exceptions, including rape and incest victims. When asked how he would handle the situation if one of his family members became pregnant as a result of rape, Smith said his family had already dealt with "something similar." He later clarified, saying that the similiar situation was "not rape," but "having a baby out of wedlock." Um, cue my mouth dropping open with shock.

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How do I even respond to that? You're right, Smith! That's exactly the same thing…except for, you know, the small, teeny issue of CONSENT. Whether or not you were planning to have a child before marriage (and many people do!), there's just no way you can sanely compare the act of having consensual sex--especially when it's a partner you've chosen to be with--to the horrible, traumatic  experience of being raped.  How can any grown individual say that with a straight face, much less genuinely believe it?

Please, someone just please explain to me while these men keep thinking they have any insight into women's feelings about anything at all, let alone rape and pregnancy. And why they keep feeling the need to say these "insights" OUT LOUD?

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It's sickening to continually hear these asinine comments and disheartening to realize that they are still being voiced in 2012. The truth of the matter is, abortion is legal, rape is against the law, and a woman--no matter what her situation--should have the right to decide what to do with her own body. It's not anyone else's business so everyone who does not have a say in the matter (I'm looking at you, far right-wing candidates) should just keep their damn mouths shut!

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