Undocumented children tried as adults in immigration court!

My heart broke witnessing what immigrant childen have to face when dealing with immigration issues in the U.S. Having been born in New York and never having experienced what these children have to go through, made it hard to watch this video. Children as young as  6-year old Liliana Muñoz,are being tried as adults in court through the immigration system.

Immigration laws are tough on both children and adults and risk being deported if caught by Border Patrol officers when crossing over. The worst part is that if they can't afford a lawyer, they are expected to represent themselves in court. Can you imagine how scary that must be when you are a 6-year old being treated as an adult?


Muñoz's, parents simply want the best for their daughter, and unfortunately cannot afford a lawyer.. The little girl, who was caught by the Border Patrol when crossing over to Texas, is expected to represent herself in court, but chances of her being allowed stay in the United States are unlikely.

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Despite President Obama recently approving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Immigration Act, it does not apply this law to those illegal children recently caught at the border.  

I feel as if the government needs to change their immigration laws according to whom they are dealing with. Children are defenseless and don't know any better and the majority of the time, these children arrive here because their parents want them to have a better living.

I can't even recall being able to speak very well at age 6 when children are just learning to interact with others and learning their ABC'S and numbers. How does the government expect Liliana at that age to defend herself in the court of law when she can't speak the language--let alone express herself well in everyday conversation.

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It sounds unjust and cruel to me to expect a child to know what she is doing when having to face a judge. It just makes them an easier target to deport and keep them out of the country. I hope the government can consider changing immigration laws for the sake of these children who deserve a better life as much as an American one.

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Image via The New York Times

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