U.S. loses an American legend with death of astronaut Neil Armstrong

Famed astronaut Neil Armtrong has died at the age of 82 following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures, according to a statement by his family. I wasn't born when Armstrong made history by being the first American to set foot on the moon, but I'll always remember the stories told by my parents of that historic day.

My sister was only a few months old on July 20, 1969 and my dad and mom were living in Florida while he got a degree in electronics. Although they would later move back to their home country of Peru, where my younger brother and I were born, they always had very fond memories of that very special day when Armstrong made "one giant leap for mankind."


I've never being a huge fan of space or the planets or science in general, for that matter. And, in fact, I'm one of those people who's had my doubts about the whole landing on the moon part of this country's history, but it'd be ignorant and disrespectful not to recognize the labor of such an amazing man. 

I mean, it's undeniable that he had a brilliant career as both an engineer and an astronaut. And, while I'm not into science, my daughter is extremely intrigued by space. Luckily, she has her father to teach her all about it because he's totally into it to.

Maybe, in memory of Armstrong, now would be a good time for my husband to talk to our daughter about him and his voyage to the moon t help her learn about an American hero that will be forever remembered. 

Do you have memories of Armstrong landing on the moon? Have you taught your kids about him? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below.

Image via NASA.gov