A woman with a history of mental problems has just been found barricaded in her apartment. After a heated argument with a man that is believed to be her boyfriend, police officers in Philadelphia were able to burst into her apartment, only to find that the woman stabbed herself in the neck after apparently decapitating her 2-year-old child and stuffing the head inside of a refrigerator.

I don't think there are words enough in the English language (or Spanish, for that matter) to describe just how horrified I am over this news. I mean, honestly, how can anyone do this to their own child?

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The woman in question, who police identified as 33-year-old Chevonne Thomas to MyFoxPhilly.com, did not have custody of son Zahree Thomas after she admitted to smoking marijuana laced with PCP, leaving the boy unattended in a bar, and then blacking out in a park back in 2010.

Yet, somehow, she had the boy with her on this fateful night when police responded to a domestic dispute call. After decapitating her son, she called 911 and first accused her boyfriend of stabbing the child before admitting "I did it", and finally stabbed herself when police showed up at her house.

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The incident has left me, well, shaking. It is absolutely, positively one of the most horrifying things I have EVER heard and has left me wondering: HOW did this woman get her son back, with her history of child neglect and mental problems?! The second-saddest part of the story is that the boy's father, who arrived at the scene just before the medical examiners brought the bodies out of the apartment, and the woman's other child now have to deal with the very disturbing deaths. Seriously, I don't know how they will do it.  

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Are you horrified by this woman who decapitated her son before killing herself? Share with us in the comments below!

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omg......i have no words other then ROTT IN HELL BITCH!
nonmember avatar
That is where the system fails. How many times to children have to be hurt or in this case killed before CPS start doing their fucking jobs! There is no excuse or reason that she should have had her child back. Sorry about the language but it just pisses me off!
Very sad..........
wow what a sick bitch she needs help or something
this is extremely horrifying...it happened a few weeks ago...however it did not happen in Philly it happened in Camden, NJ...
insanity criminally
thats so sad:( shes where she needs to be..i think someone should be responsible for letting that precious child be with her!!!!ill be prayin for the family
that is just horrible wtf is wrong with people now a days
Im all for reconnecting the child with the parent(s) but if there is apparent mental illness, why would you place the child(ren) in possible jeapardy, just doesnt make sense t me but this is how DYFS works n sadly the child(ren) pay the price of their parent(s) illness.....smh
makes me wanna cry who the hell let that little boy go mack to her ?!?!?! i think the person who let the woman have the child should go to jail as well
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