Honors student is almost expelled--just for displaying family photos on her binder! (VIDEO)

It seems like when it comes to big issues, such as bullying, school officials never take enough action… yet, when it comes to something minor, they're all over it. Case in point? An eighth grader in San Bernardino, California was almost kicked out of school, simply for displaying some photos on her binder.  


13-year-old Brianna Gentry kept snapshots of her older military brother, Derrick, and her softball team on the front of her binder. Seems innocent enough right? Apparently not. Gentry was pulled out of class twice and told the pictures were "added material." When her mother pointed out that other students in her grade featured photos on their notebooks, the school sent home a list of rules--none of which actually stated that pictures were not allowed to be displayed.

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After much back-and-forth, the school finally agreed on a compromise, allowing Brianna to keep the picture of her brother as "motivation" but asking her to remove the one of her softball team.  

Um, is it just me or does this so-called rule seem completely ridiculous? How is that administrators can waste so much time on a detail as insignificant as this but don't seem to respond at all when it comes to cases that actually matter? The whole ordeal is made even worse by the fact that Gentry is a star pupil and a member of the program for top students. And this is how they reward their hard work? By nitpicking and almost expelling her over the decorations on her binder?

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As long as the pictures aren't blatantly offensive, there is absolutely no reason that Gentry should've been singled out, especially since it seems like she was only one of many students break this unwritten "rule."

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