'Gangster Granny'stabs teen intruder in daughter's home

This granny is not one to be messed with! A male teenager found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time after breaking into a home in Houston, Texas. What awaited him behind those doors wasn't a vicious guard dog, but something much, much scarier! 


Margaret Jackson, a sweet grandma, entered her daughter's home and heard a strange noise, which she soon found out was a teenager trying to climb through a window. Jackson immediately grabbed a barbeque fork and a pair of scissors and chased after him before catching up to him. She obviously wasn't going to let him get away so easily!

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So what did this sweet granny do? She stabbed the intruder with a large barbeque fork in the neck. OUCH! Jackson is being called "Gangster Granny" after her heroic actions. Hopefully being stabbed in the neck teaches that kid a lesson! Who would've thought grandmas could be so violent?!

I wouldn't recommend everyone to be as bold as Jackson if found in a similar situation because you never know if the opposing party might be armed or not, but boy, is that kid going to think twice before breaking into another home again.

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The intruder made the mistake of pushing the grandma who responded by stabbing him in the neck with the barbeque fork as he was trying to run away. He DEFINITELY  deserved that. Hitting a woman is never cool, but a grandma?! C'mon! I would hope that his career in breaking and entering is over and that he never lives down getting his butt whooped by a grandma.

It just goes to show you that even the sweetest grandmas have their limits too--and this guy pushed this one's a little TOO far.

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