6-year-old stabbing victim tells police 'Mommy tried to kill me'

No matter what the circumstances are, I can never truly understand how anyone could ever hurt an innocent child, especially their own. That's why I was horrified to learn of 30-year-old Wisconsin mom, Tasha D. Harmon, who reportedly stabbed her 6-year-old daughter several times while she was sleeping.


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After wounding her toddler with a 7-inch steak knife, Harmon showed up at her neighbor's house around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning and told them she had stabbed her daughter and herself. At the time, Harmon also had self-inflicted cuts on her throat and chest. The neighbors found Harmon's poor young daughter, Adrianna, was lying on her bed covered in blood. But the most heartbreaking part? When authorities showed up, the little girl told officers, "Mommy tried to kill me." Ugh, doesn't that make you just want to cry?

Adrianna suffered serious injuries including a punctured lung, but thankfully, she is expected to recover. Though an exact motive remains unclear, Harmon allegedly told police she "went crazy." Um, yeah, YOU THINK?! She is now being held in jail and facing charges of attempted homicide.

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Obviously, Harmon needs serious mental help--no sane person would ever commit such a terrible crime and cause such harm to their own child for no apparent reason. Still, that doesn't even come close to justifying the trauma that she surely caused her daughter, whom will now have to live the rest of her life knowing her mother tried to hurt her. I only hope that little Adrianna recovers quickly and is sent to live safely with relatives or loves one who are more capable of caring for her.  

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Image via Dane County Jail

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