Old Man fined for slapping neighbor's son should NOT have to pay

It's hard to leave the house these days without witnessing a misbehaving child taking advantage of a complacent parent. Most of the time as onlookers, we simply look the other way.

But what are you to do when bad behavior comes to your own front door? Well, after repeated incidents, an Australian man took discipline into his own hands, and paid the price. Late last year, 62-year-old Derek Graham Roach, was repeatedly harassed by a group of young boys outside of his Perth, Australia home.


He endured repeated rounds of ding dong ditch over a two-month span of time, before finally taking action, slapping an eight-year-old boy across the face several times prior to returning him to his mother, who later pressed charges. Over the course of the past nine or so months, Roach has received a surprising amount of support from members of his community, and very little outcry against his actions. Even the judge in the assault case against him exhibited leniency in his sentencing, merely assessing Roach a $1,000 fine -- according to News.com.au, a sum many of his supporters have offered to pay.

Though I find face-slapping a little severe, I totally understand Roach's frustration. And it's not the first I've heard of outsiders taking action against degenerate children. In fact, a friend of mine was shopping and witnessed a child behaving disrespectfully towards his mother and out of frustration went up to the boy's mother and said, "he needs a slap." The submissive mother agreed and the naughty child was silenced in shock. Few of us are ballsy enough to even speak up in such instances, but if the saying is true and it really does take a village--shouldn't we do exactly that?

I'd like to be able to say I wouldn't be offended or upset if a stranger or even a friend took it upon himself to discipline my son, but in reality I'm not sure how I would feel. Honestly, I'd likely be put off and maybe even angry--but then again, I hope to raise my baby son in a matter that doesn't require outside intervention because of his atrocious behavior. Perhaps as parents we need to be able to put aside our pride and accept well-intentioned help in rearing our children?

What would you do if someone else disciplined your child...even if he deserved it?


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