Hundreds of DREAMers line up for President Obama's deportation reprieve

It's such a wonderful experience to see history in the making! Although I'm a United States citizen, I'm happy to hear that many immigrants' dreams will be coming true after President Barack Obama passed the policy for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, this week. The program, which started Wednesday, will permit those who came to the U.S before the age of 16 to stay for two more years without the fear of deportation as long as they are in school, getting a GED or have served in the armed forces. Now many are lining up outside their respective consulates in hopes of getting one step closer to the American dream. It's an amazing sight, and one that was a long time coming!


One of our writers here at Mamas Latinas also shared her amazing story about her journey to the U.S and her support for those being granted these rights after awaiting the DREAM ACT to happen for so long. Through the new policy, immigrants will have to fill out an application and provide forms documenting their identity for a fee of $465. I'm happy to learn that so many are getting a leg up on not only doing something positive for themselves, but for generations of their family to come as well.

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This will certainly impact the Latino vote for President Obama as he had been under fire for not fulfilling his duty to fix the nation's immigration laws. My parents were illegal immigrants when they arrived here too, but unlike my mother who arrived to the U.S. from Colombia at a very young age, my father, who arrived from Peru had the hardest time gaining citizenship since he arrived at the age of 17. Hearing stories about their struggle of arriving here and not only having to learn the language but dealing with the persecution of being an immigrant, makes me thankful for what I have today. 

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I'm in full support of the new act and hope that this helps immigrants pursue a fulfilling life in the United States as well as making something of themselves. They don't call los Estados Unidos the land of opportunity for nothing and now they will be granting those less fortunate the opportunity to experience the real "American Dream."  

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