Jerk politician asks Soledad O'Brien if she can speak English! (VIDEO)

CNN host Soledad O'Brien is one Latina you definitely don't want to mess with! Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty learned that the hard way when O'Brien put him in his place after he rudely implied that the anchorwoman doesn't understand English. Ugh!


After O'Brien suggested that one of Mitt Romney's ads makes a false claim about President Obama's reductions on Medican, Pawlenty--who is Romney's national campaign co-chair--attempted to refute the statement, calling the ad "beyond factual dispute." When O'Brien tried to disprove his answer by reading a document from the Congressional Bureau Office, Pawlenty snapped, asking her: "Do you know what that is in English?" What a jerk!

But O'Brien--who was clearly pissed off and for good reason!--fought back without skipping a beat. "I speak English incredibly well, sir, as you know," she said. "So, tell me what it is in English." Seeing her anger and perhaps realizing his mistake, Pawlenty quickly backtracked saying he just meant in "plain speaking" as opposed to the "mumbo jumbo" in the CBO.

You go, Soledad! I LOVE how she held her own and proved that she is completely capable of defending herself against national bigwigs like Pawlenty, who is obviously in need of a very serious reality check. I mean, to suggest that O'Brien, a Harvard-educated, internationally renowned newsperson, doesn't understand English?  How incredibly offensive!

And though Pawlenty's clarification of his statement makes the situation the teensiest bit better, it still doesn't excuse him from his inane comment, especially because he shouldn't be talking to her like that in the first place. Seriously, what reason was there to do so? Was it just because O'Brien is Latina and a woman? Or maybe it was the fact that he was obviously fighting a losing battle…

Either way, I'm glad O'Brien put him in his place. I bet he won't underestimate her ever again!   

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Image via CNN

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