Abusive Latino dad murdered by teen daughter & boyfriend

In a story straight out of a telenovela plot, a Latino teenage couple is facing charges after plotting the murder of the 17-year-old girl's father! After claiming that her dad, Jaime Meza, was abusive, the daughter (whose name is unknown) asked her boyfriend, 19-year-old Jose Martinez, to kill him.


Meza was found dead in his Las Vegas home with approximately 30 stab wounds. When detectives first confronted the couple, they told the authorities that Martinez had only killed Meza out of self-defense after the dad confronted him for trying to sneak his daughter out of the house. Later, police received an anonymous tip that revealed that the couple had actually planned the whole thing and that Martinez had even been asking his friends to help him with the murder! How crazy is that!?

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Eventually, Martinez confessed that he had stabbed Meza in his sleep after his girlfriend urged him to. Now, both teens are facing charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, with Martinez also facing charges of burglary with a deadly weapon.

What kind of person asks someone to kill their own father? And how stupid do you have to be to KILL someone just because your girlfriend asks you to? I have no idea whether the dad was really abusing her or not, but if he was, then there are about a million better ways of handling the situation--like telling the police or another trusted adult--or even moving in with another relative. There's definitely no need to immediately jump to murder as a solution!

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But the whole ordeal is made much worse by the fact that Martinez was so seemingly open and casual about their plan, even asking friends to help him pull off the murder. That is something I really can't wrap my head around. Seriously, how do you even bring that up in conversation? "Hey man, I have this favor to ask of you…"

I just hope that in facing the consequences of their extreme actions that two of these teens also get the mental help that they obviously desperately need.

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Image via LVMPD

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