5 siblings plus 1 blowout wedding equals a HUGE party! (VIDEO)

I'm nowhere near ready to get married yet. I've never given my hypothetical wedding day a lot of thought--but these five siblings made me realize, I need to start considering the things I DON'T want. 

Walker, Syndey, Bradford, and Emily Waldie of Arizona, became engaged to their significant others within weeks of each other. Then their father, Doug, suggested that they have a "mega wedding. " The idea was to save their parents some money while giving them all a special ceremony, so the tight knit group were married through a Mormon church in Mesa, Arizona last Friday. Although the joint wedding may sound like a disastrous idea for some, for thius happy family, everything went without a hitch!


I've only been to a couple of weddings in my adult life so far and being a guest costs enough money as is. I can't fathom how much it must cost to be in the wedding party and to pay for the whole ceremony itself-- let alone five. I understand that weddings are espensive, but at the risk of sounding selfish, sharing your special day with several of your other siblings must be annoying. To be fairthey agreed with their father's plan partly because one brother is starting  Air Force pilot training at the end of August, which left little time for five separate weddings.

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Although the Waldie's were hesistant about the idea at first, they didn't want  to miss each others special day and had five separate ceremonies, one after the other and a reception. There were five cakes included in the party as well as a shared  bridesmaid, 18- year old sister, Andee. 

Impressively, the celebration went smoothly and drama free and wound up being way more affordable than five separate parties. Waldie joked and said his kids were better off having their weddings this way otherwise he would've told them that "Whoever's in first place is going to get a really nice reception, whoever's fifth gets $32.50 and a bus ticket to wherever you want to go."

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The Waldie family lucked out without having the typical wedding drama, plus, they also definitely expressed the importance of family. Afterall, once all the money is gone and the ceremony is over, it's the people you're sharing your special day with that matter most. I just hope their honeymoons go a whole lot differently...

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Would you ever share your wedding with your siblings?

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