Would you live in a city where there are no men?

While women in America have been facing their own version of a battle of the sexes, I think it's fair to say that females in Saudi Arabia have it much tougher. Between having to get male consent for everything from marriage to travel and the lack of job opportunities they have as females, Saudi women are facing circumstances that make it pretty much impossible for them to become successful on their own. But now, it seems like the country is looking to change things by constructing a new city exclusively for female workers.


The women-only town will be built in the Eastern Province and will reportedly only be the "first of several" that the country is looking to create in order to allow more women to work while maintaining gender segregation. The development will apparently create around 5,000 jobs, which could allow female workers to experience greater financial independence. Though the city is still being designed, construction is supposed to begin taking place next year.

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While I'm all for female empowerment and new opportunities for women, I have to admit it's pretty shocking to realize that the only way for these ladies to gain a little freedom is to move to a place devoid of men. For me, it is SO extreme and yet for those who live there, the concept is not at all surprising or new.  

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Unfortunately, the truth is that "separate but equal" is not equal and though the country might be taking one teeny tiny step forward in acknowledging the need for female job opportunities, they still have miles to go in terms of becoming a modern, forward-thinking place to live. It's not a matter of whether or not females should live among men--it's about acknowleding that Saudi women are real people with real value too.

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