This abuelo lost his life trying to save grandaughter (VIDEO)

I've never met any of my biological grandfathers, therefore I don't know what it's like to have one. But I can only imagine that they would be just as brave as 62- year old John Villneff, who was shot and killed protecting his 12- year old granddaughter from a group of thugs who had broken into his daughter's home. 

The horrifying scene unveiled at 11pm Wednesday night in Detroit, Michigan as Villneff's 4 grandchildren were playing video games in his daughter's home. Without warning, a group of men barged in pistol-whipping his 16-year old grandson as the three other grandchildren fled next door-where he resided- to seek his help.


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Before the Vietnam vet could catch full glimpse of the assailants, his astute granddaughter who recognized their faces, snapped several photos of them with her iPad. Naturally, the last thing the criminals wanted was to get caught and responded by aiming gunfire in her direction. And as any brave family man would do, Villneff jumped in front of his granddaughter to protect her from the hail of bullets.

The vet was shot twice in the back, but managed to call and alert his son, Michael, before dying at the scene. Things are looking up though for the heartbroken family as cops have a  suspect in custody, thanks to leads from eyewitnesses.  

I can't even fathom what drives anyone to harm innocent people. Villneff and his family weren't looking for trouble--instead trouble found them. Criminals such as these are prime examples of the issue with crime today. These cowards don't discriminate against anyone and even defenseless babies can become victims of these deadly attacks. 

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I'm hoping Villneff's family gets justice--even though they can't get their beloved hero back, but I'd expect that the police is doing everything they can to apprehend and lock up the men involved in this horrible ambush.

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Image via YouTube