Bikini wars! Airline's in-flight beauty pageant causes controversy (VIDEO)

I seriously had to pause and re-read this news item a few times: Apparently a Vietnamese budget airline just hosted a bikini show on one of their flights.

On a recent flight by VietJetAir, passengers were surprised to be greeted by beautiful women "clad in vaporous string bikini tops and sarongs that flaunted the company colors of red and yellow." It was a pretty dumb move on their part, though, and now the budget airline has been fined by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. Um, yea, DUH!


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I honestly don't know what they were thinking pulling a stunt like this. I mean, sex does sell and I guess they're trying to promote their company with youth and sexual appeal--and I can't fault them for that. But doing it with an in-flight bikini show? Gross!

That's just a ridiculous move on their part and they seriously deserved to be fined. If they really wanted to "make passengers happy and to improve our customer service," like they told the Daily Mail and ABC News, then maybe they should have served free drinks or something because I, for one, do NOT want to see some girl shaking her booty in front of me while I'm flying somewhere.

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I can't imagine that any woman feels differently. Maybe the guys would enjoy that kind of show but what about the kids on the flight? The message they sent to any little girls that happened to be onboard the plane from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang is pretty horrifying. Please, other airlines, do NOT think that doing an in-flight bikini show is going to make your customers very happy.

What do you think about this airline's in-flight bikini show? Would you want to fly on an airline who promised a perk like this? Share with us in the comments below!

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