Kids kept in underground bunker didn't see daylight for 10 years (VIDEO)

I don't understand how nobody noticed, but Russian police believe 70 people, including 27 children--the youngest just 18 months--have been living underground for almost a decade. Apparently, many children were born underground and most had not seen daylight until they were rescued last week in the city of Kazan, about 500 miles from Moscow. How is it possible that such a thing is allowed to go on these days?

The underground building has eight levels and 30 rooms with no light, heat or ventilation and it belongs to members of a Muslim sect whose leader prohibited from leaving. Most had never left the bunker and had never gone to school or seen a doctor. 


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Miraculously, they all seem to be in good health. I can not even imagine what it must have been like for all these people--especially the children--to not see sunlight for nearly 10 years. I imagine that those who were born there may not realize what was happening, but for the older ones that can compare, it must have been very difficult. And what about the shock they must be going through now that they've been found.

On the other hand, I'll never understand how someone can have so much power to convince dozens of people to leave everything behind and into hiding for years and years. Neither do I understand the people that are willing to follow these supposed religious leaders, but I guess that's what sects are all about.

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What saddens me the most is that the innocent children probably have no say. Luckily, they were discovered and were immediately taken to a local hospital for evaluation. No one has been arrested and a court will decide if the minors will be allowed to their parents.

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