There have been many great moments for female Olympians in this year's games: Gabby Douglas' big win in the all-around gymnastics competition, Alex Morgan scoring that final winning goal for the U.S. in their game against Canada, the SIX women's world records that were shattered in the pool (as opposed to three by male swimmers). Unfortunately, those victories don't seem to be enough of a story for the world, as seen by the harsh criticism that the Olympics women have continuously faced for everything, from their hair to their too-sexy appearance.


In the past couple of weeks, it seems like you can't go five seconds without hearing some snide comment about one of the female athletes. Shortly after Douglas won the biggest gymnastic prize possible, people took to Twitter to comment--not on her history-making gold medal, but on her "ratch" hair.  Meanwhile weight lifter, Holley Mangold, has also faced criticism on social media for her weight, getting called "fat" and a "beast."

And then there's Lolo Jones, a woman now infamously known as the hot virgin who just happens to boast two world titles and be the American record holder in her category. Even before coming in a disappointing fourth during Wednesday's 100-meter hurdles, Jones was pretty much crucified in the media, earning herself one particularly vicious NY Times column that basically focused entirely on how much the writer thinks she sucks.  

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Which leads me to my question: Why do people even care about this stuff? Why does it matter to them that Jones is a virgin or that Douglas styles her hair a certain way? It is unbelievable to me that of all the amazing, record-breaking, inspiring moments that female Olympians have had this year that everyone is focusing on superficialities that have absolutely zero influence on the athletes' abilities to perform. And don't even get me started on how ridiculously hypocritical it is that people are criticizing women for their sex appeal while men are instead reaping the benefits of their good looks (just see all our Ryan Lochte posts).  

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Yes, some of the women competing are attractive. Yes, they are all of different weights. They all have (gasp!) personal lives that are, oh yes, absolutely none of our business. And guess what? None of that has stopped them from getting to where they are today. Morgan, who as a player for the U.S. soccer team has gained as much attention for her hotness as her playing, did not make that final goal because her sex appeal was greater of that of her opponent. She made it because she's a talented player. So why can't we just focus on that?

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