Miami cannibal victim speaks! "He chewed up my face, he plucked out my eyes" (VIDEO)

Months after he was attacked in a bizarre cannibal incident in Miami that sparked inappropriate jokes about the zombie apocalypse, victim Ronald Poppo finally speaks out about Rudy Eugene.

The story continues to puzzle authorities even now, since Ronald believes that Rudy Eugene must have been "souped up on something" but toxicology tests revealed that he was only high on marijuana and not on the synthetic drug called "bath salts" as it was previously assumed.


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In a police interview that was obtained by WFOR-TV and reported by the NY Daily News, Ronald remembers the crazed Rudy Eugene telling him "that I was gonna die, and he was gonna die."

By the sound of the interview, I could definitely believe that Rudy was high on more than just pot, especially since Ronald says that his attacker "was talking kind of funny talk for a while" and gave no reason for the attack, "he just started to scream."

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The chilling account, during which Ronald Poppo admits that Rudy "just ripped me to ribbons, he chewed up my face, he plucked out my eyes," is still frightening to me. The 65-year-old homeless man is still recovering from multiple surgeries and has been left blind after the attack on the MacArthur Causeway.

At the very least, Ronald is grateful for the police that arrived "in a nick of time" to fatally shoot Rudy or he would have "definitely been in worse shape." I hope he keeps recovering.

Watch the video here.

What do you think about Ronald's claims that Rudy was on drugs? Are you surprised that he's finally speaking out? Share with us in the comments below!

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