Latina woman fakes pregnancy, tries to steal baby! (VIDEO)

When I have a baby, I am definitely going to be one of those crazy mothers who insist on keeping their newborn close to them at all times. Why? Well, I am already a naturally paranoid person but I am doubly so after hearing of the Latina woman who stole an infant from the hospital after faking a pregnancy!


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48-year-old Grisel Ramirez was detained on Monday after posing as a visitor to enter a California hospital and attempting to abduct a baby. Apparently, Ramirez has been forging a pregnancy for several months, tricking her own husband (whom she reportedly doesn't live with or see often) into thinking they were expecting! 

When the "due date" rolled around, the husband started questioning his wife about the child, which is allegedly when Ramirez approached other pregnant women to ask them about their due dates and their baby's gender. After a woman reported Ramirez's suspicious activity, police were able to identify her. Yesterday, she was finally apprehended after a sensor attached to the baby's ankle bracelet set off alarms. Apparently, Ramirez had tried to stuff the baby in a tote bag!

Luckily, the baby wasn't harmed and she was safely returned to her mother.

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What a CRAZY person! Seriously, imagine being that mother whose baby was almost stolen. I would be so freaked out, not to mention absolutely furious at the hospital. I wonder what could have possibly driven Ramirez to fake a pregnancy for months on end. Maybe she was looking for an excuse to reunite with her husband? Either way, insanity! And even though her relationship with her husband is weird too, he apparently really thought she was having a baby and was devastated after hearing it wasn't true.

All I can say is that this story will forever be seared into my brain and will probably make me a total basket case once I have kids…or any time I enter a hospital for that matter! I just hope that Ramirez faces appropriate punishment and eventually gets the mental help she obviously needs.

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Image via Garden Grove Police Department

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