Brave 12-year-old girl steers car to safety after grandpa dies at the wheel (VIDEO)

Losing control of a car while driving is terrifying enough, but imagine being forced to take over the wheel when you don't even have a license! That's what happened to 12-year-old Miranda Bowman, who managed to bravely drive the vehicle a safety after her grandpa died at the wheel.

The quick-thinking young girl was sitting in the passenger seat when her grandpa, 69-year-old Paul Parker, suddenly closed his eyes and slumped into the window, leaving his foot on the accelerator. That's when Bowman says she realized he was dead and that she would have to take action to save her life!


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After an unsuccesful attempt to stop the car by braking, she made an ever bolder move, grabbing the wheel and directing the car towards some bushes and trees to halt the vehicle.

"It sounds weird, but I saw people do this on TV," she said. "The car just kept running over bushes and trees. I ducked down and covered my head." Luckily, the braking had slowed the car enough so that Bowman was not injured when the car crashed into a tree and stopped moving, allowing her to exit the vehicle safely.

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That is one courageous girl! Though I'm sure her family is saddened by the loss of a close family member, they must also be incredibly relieved to know that their daughter is safe and sound after what could've been an even more tragic ordeal. They should be incredibly proud to have a child that, despite being very young and probably very afraid, was still able to react so well in the face of danger. We should all hope to be as quick-thinking and collected in the face of such a crisis! 

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Images via ABC 6

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