Teen tweets photo of dying man as "joke", refuses to call ambulance

Social media has a really unique way of connecting us. We can see what's going on halfway across the world, but sometimes that comes at the expense of the people closest to us, both emotionally and physically. That seems to be the case when it comes to the photo that Ikram Choudhury recently posted on his Twitter account of a man he saw lying in the street.

The 19-year-old was driving in Edinburgh when he saw a man dying on the side of the road after being hit by another car. He stopped to snap a photo and posted it online as a "joke". The--wait for it--Choudury drove off without even a thought that maybe he should call an ambulance or the police. Understandably so, this has caused a huge online outrage.


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The dying man was apparently found by police 10 minutes after the photo was posted online but later died in the hospital. They are currently trying to find the car that hit the man and have questioned the teenager, but it's really the teen's blasé attitude that has me shocked. He had already stopped and GOT OUT OF HIS CAR to take the photo. Why didn't he do the decent (and right thing) and go over to check on the man?

Clearly this kid is a terrible human being (I mean, SERIOUSLY?!). Look, I get being obsessed with Twitter. I LOVE taking and sharing taking funny or unexpected pictures, so perhaps I would have done the same? Um, NO. I wouldn't have. Even if did have the misguided sense to take such a tragic photo, I most definitely would have called an ambulance AND the police to reported the accident.

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Would this kid have stopped to snap a photo of a dying man if it weren't so easy to share via social media? Probably not. Would he have stopped to actually help? Probably not. Social media might make it easier to share the crazy everyday things you see, but it doesn't really affect the kind of person you are deep down inside. Now we all know EXACLTY who Ikram Choudhury. His parents should be ashamed.

Would you have taken a picture of the dying man? Do you think the teen should have called the police right away? Share with us in the comments below!

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