Rowdy teenage girls stab elderly man for no reason

As a subway-riding New Yorker, I have to confess, this is my worst nightmare: noisy, rowdy teenagers riding in my same car while I'm quietly trying to commute. I know it sounds a little snobby, especially as a parent, but I've seen enough nuttiness to know that you can't mess with some of these New York City teens--and you especially can't engage.

That's what happened yesterday morning at about 6:15 a.m., and it didn't go well for a 63-year-old Marine veteran.


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When a group of eight girls, ages 15 to 20, were reportedly acting drunk and making noise on the downtown-bound number 6 train, the Veteran, Robert Carnegary, who was on his way to work as a souvenir vendor in downtown Manhattan, commented to his friend about how loud they were. The girls overheard, became enraged, and started pummeling him and his friend, ultimately stabbing Carnegary in the left shoulder. The wound required seven stitches. 

This attack was appalling to me on so many levels--the fact that the victim is older, lives in a Veteran's shelter, was just making his way to work like so many of us. But what truly shocked me was the ages of these girls--the youngest a little thing of 15! I'm not even going to print their names here, as so many of them were Latinas.

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Let's just hope that their parents are like mine, and each of those young girls gets a spanking--and good! Although I'm sure a few days in jail will set some of them straight better than any chancleta-whipping could. And as for me, I'll keep riding the train--and just mind my own business. 

What do you think of this senseless attack? How could we as parents prevent our kids from acting like these girls? 

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