Missing Latina actress, Mabel Pantaleon, found at airport (VIDEO)

In some happy news this morning, budding Latina actress, Mabel Pantaleon, has been found safe four days after being reported missing. The 31-year-old, who suffers from manic depression, was discovered at Kennedy Airport yesterday, attempting to purchase a plane ticket.

Pantaleon vanished some time after 9 a.m. on Sunday when she was last seen at her Manhattan apartment. Her mother reported her missing to the police, who were notificed Thursday evening after the actress's name popped up on a police database when she tried to buy a plane icket.


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The actress, who has had small roles on Dexter and Mystery ER, was apprehended by authorities and taken to a local hospital to be examined. She has since been released and is in good condition and uninjured.

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What a relief that she was found safe and sound! I can't imagine how worried her family must have been, especially since Pantaleon's mother told police she believed her daughter had stopped taking her medication before vanishing. The whole ordeal could've had a much more tragic ending and I'm just glad that they found her before any real harm could happen.

Now, I just hope that Pantaleon takes some time to recover and that her relatives and loved ones help her get the proper help she needs.

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Image via DCPI


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