James Holmes sent notes detailing gruesome Colorado masacre to psychiatrist weeks before shooting

No matter whom I speak to while out and about here in Denver, the conversation always turns to the Aurora masacre and its alleged perpetrator, James Holmes. While the rest of the country has gone back to life as usual, the killing spree and its aftermath continues to consume the residents of this great state as the victims are laid to rest and new information is revelead about the accused gunman. 

Just a little bit ago, I learned that Holmes had apparently sent a spiral-bound notebook to a University of Colorado psychiatrist detailing the massacre down to drawings of "gun-wielding stick figures blowing away other stick figures," according to what a law enforcement source told Fox News.


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Unfortunately, when the parcel, which supposedly sat unopened in the school's mailroom for about a week, was fiinally discovered on Monday, it was way too late. The source told Fox News that the pacakage sent to the psychiatrist contained Holmes' name in the return address. The notebook is now in possession of the FBI. 

It's not clear why the notebook, which is now in the FBI's possesion, had not being delivered to the psychiatrist, who apart from being a professor at CU he also treats patients at the psychiatry outpatient facility.

I don't even want to begin to imagine the chilling contents of the notebook and although I'm no mental behavior expert, to me, this whole thing just proves that Holmes knew exactly what he was doing. So much so that he took the time to detail his future rampage on a notebook and send it to the psychiatrist.

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I know it's goint to sound horrible, but the more I learn about Holmes, the more convinced I am that the only just punishment for him is death. 

What do you think about the discovery of this notebook? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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