Why won't religious extremists let victims of the Colorado shooting rest in peace?

Tragedies like the movie theater shooting in Colorado are difficult enough to deal with on their own, especially with everyone questioning how anyone could possibly commit such a senseless act in the first place. That's why I am in absolute disgust and shock over the fact that religious extremists, like members of the Westboro Baptist Church and evangelical leader, Jerry Newcombe, are now using the incident as a platform for their own beliefs.


The Westboro Baptist Church, an independent Kansas-based church that is widely condemned and has been denounced as too extreme even by the KKK, tweeted their plans to "superpicket" the prayer vigil being held in Aurora, Colorado in the wake of the shooting. Church members took to Twitter to inform of their plans, writing despicable statements like "Hi ho Hi ho, to Colorado we go! #godsenttheshooter #americaisdoomed! #godisyourenemy! #godkillingyoursoldiers."

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Their threats caused a firestorm of activity amongst Aurora citizens, who launched a campaign on social media to keep the group away from the ceremony. The only hitch? The church members never showed up, effectively pulling off the cruelest and most unnecessary prank I have ever seen.

And they're not the only culprits. Newcombe, the spokesperson for the religious group known as Truth in Action, also recently made headlines after claiming that the tragedy in Colorado occurred because America has lost its fear of hell.  In an online article, Newcombe also claimed that only the Christian victims from the shooting would go to heaven, not the rest.

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I'll be honest, I am not a religious person, but even if I was, I would still find the actions of these so-called spiritual individuals absolutely appalling. What kind of people threaten to protest a funeral or pass judgment on completely innocent victims for no other reason except that they can? Don't they realize how much additional pain they're causing the grieving community and the families of those who lost loved ones?

To me, anyone who attempts to benefit off of other people's tragedies--especially one as horrific as the one in Colorado--is contemptible, shameful, and deserving of nothing but the same pathetic hate that they themselves are doling out.

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