17-year-old assault victim, Savannah Dietrich, never deserved to face charges in the first place (VIDEO)

Well, it turns out there is some justice in the world! The charges against 17-year-old Kentucky teen, Savannah Dietrich, were dropped after supporters nationwide spoke out on her behalf. Dietrich was facing charges after violating a court order by using the names of her two sexual assaulters in a tweet.

Dietrich took to Twitter to express frustration at the light punishment received by the two boys who pleaded guilty to assaulting her--disobeying the judge's order that no one speak about the case. She was quickly hit with a charge of contempt by the two suspect's attorneys, causing furor among thousands of people nationwide who expressed shock and anger that a victim would be punished for speaking out against her attackers. Thankfully, attorneys dropped the charges on Monday.

The question now is though: Why was this even an issue in the first place?


Though David Mejia, one of the boy's lawyers, insisted that the decision to withdraw the motion had nothing to do with public sentiment, the timing certainly seems coincidental--especially given all of the attention the case received online. In one day alone, an online petition on Change.org garnered 62,000 signatures in support of Dietrich.

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Personally, I'm happy and gratified to see how many people spoke out on Dietrich's behalf. There is just no excuse or logic for punishing a victim for being brave enough to speak out against her assaulters. And though I understand confidentiality is part of any sexual assault case, I don't think the boys should be granted any more leniency than they have been given. I mean, if they hadn't wanted their names spoken in relation to a crime, they shouldn't have committed it in the first place.

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If anything, Dietrich should be viewed as an example to younger girls of all of the support and positivity that can occur when you're courageous enough to stand up for yourself.

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Image via Savannah Dietrich/twitter

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