80-year-old abuela fends off armed robbers with mangoes! (VIDEO)

As a Latina, I've learned firsthand that most abuelitas are tougher than they look and should generally not be messed with unless you want to get a good talking to. But I was still amazed to learn about the brave 80-year-old woman who defended herself from the armed robbers that invaded her family's store Friday afternoon. How? By using mangoes!


After the robbers stole about $400 to $500 from the cash register at the store, the woman defended herself the best way she could--by chucking mangoes at the suspects! When the robbers ran away, she attempted to follow them out until one of them turned around and hit her on the head with the gun. After hearing her scream, the woman's son-in-law and store owner, Manuel Nogueira, came out and chased the men down two blocks before pinning one down on the sidewalk. Wow, this is one brave family!

Both of the suspects were arrested by police. Luckily, the elderly woman only sustained slight bruising on her head and no other major injuries.

Well, that is certainly one fiery abuela! Although I wouldn't exactly recommend throwing fruit at armed robbers, I have to admit it's pretty courageous of her to take action and defend herself, despite her age and the dangerous circumstances. Thankfully, she's alright and wasn't too badly injured. And hey, she definitely proved  that she's a force to be reckoned with.

Watch the surveillance video here:

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Image via YouTube