Sand tunnel collapses, killing 12-year-old boy (VIDEO)

In heartbreaking news, a 12-year-old New Jersey boy passed away yesterday after  a sand tunnel collapsed on him at the beach.  

On Tuesday, the boy (whose name has not yet been released) and his younger brother were digging a tunnel of about two to three feet in depth when suddenly the beach day took a tragic turn. The tunnel caved in on the young boy, completely covering him in sand.


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Policemen and fire responders were called to help dig the boy out and shortly after, he was taken to the intensive care unit of a local hospital and given cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Authorities declined to give an official cause of death, citing patient confidentiality.

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What an absolutely horrifying ordeal! I can't even begin to think the mix of emotions his family must be feeling, especially considering the whole incident occurred on what should have been an ordinary day at the beach. Seriously, how could they have known that their son innocently digging a tunnel in the sand--something so many kids do when they're at the beach--would have ever resulted in such a tragedy? And to think that both boys were originally in the tunnel...I don't even want to imagine what could have happened.

My thoughts and prayers are with the boy's parents and brother.   

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Archive image via goldberg/flickr

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