10-year-old bravely fights off abductor & it's all caught on tape! (VIDEO)

Have you talked to your kids about "stranger danger?" If not, this recently surfaced surveillance video of a man trying to abduct a young girl will definitely spur you to do so. In the absolutely terrifying clip, a 10-year-old girl is walking with her 2-year-old brother down a South Philadelphia sidewalk when a man suddenly runs up and tries to snatch her. Luckily, the girl knew exactly what to do to fend him off!


As can be seen in the recording, the unknown man tries to carry the young girl off, but she fights and struggles against the man for several seconds before he finally drops her on the ground and flees the scene. What exactly did the girl do that allowed her escape?  Her parents say that the 10-year-old allegedly BIT the man, which made him loosen his hold and gave her and her brother a chance to get away safely. Apparently, she learned the move by watching Law and Order!

The man has since been arrested, though it is unclear if the detainment was a result of the $10,000 reward that city officials had originally offered in exchange for information.

Wow, how crazy is that?! That poor child must have been petrified! Fortunately, she took all of the right actions by battling back and not allowing herself to get carted off by the stranger. By following her instincts, she basically saved her own life!

I'm just glad that both the young girl and her brother managed to escape without any real injury. Still, I can't help but wondering why such young kids were left wandering around by themselves on the street? Though the incident occurred in the afternoon (around 4 p.m.), the two still should've been being supervised by an adult, especially since one child was only a toddler!

The whole situation serves as a reminder for parents to keep their children close and to teach them early on how to respond to dangerous situations, like this one. You could be saving them in the future.

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Image via NBC

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